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Casco Landfill in Houston

Your Resource for Construction and Demolition Waste Disposal

Welcome to the Casco Landfill, serving the greater Houston area. We are your resource for construction waste disposal.

Casco landfill operates a type 4 disposal facility in Houston, Texas. We have competitive pricing and available pull-off service. Want to know more? Call our friendly staff today with any questions.

Casco Landfill Rates

Current Prices

Standard C&D Waste – $14 / cubic yard
Special Handling C&D – $16 / cubic yard

Pull Off – $50
Back Hoe Pull-off – $70

Minimum Charge – $66
Minimum Charge Special Handing – $74


Bank Sand Load – $90
Bank Sand Trailer Load – $135

Sandy Fill Load – $60
Sandy Fill Trailer Load – $90

Topsoil – $10 / cubic yard
Screened Topsoil – $40 / Cubic yard

Bull Rock Load – $39 / cubic yard
Small Crushed Rock – $31 / cubic yard

About the Casco Landfill in Houston

Casco Landfill is family-owned and operated by three generations of men and women that have been serving the Greater Houston construction industry for nearly a century.

We pride ourselves in providing a better experience for our patrons. For example, Casco Landfill’s roads are constantly maintained for better access and drivability. Do you have a load of waste that is difficult to unload by hand? Pull-off options are available for quicker offloading.

As a disposal facility, we take our responsibility to the environment seriously. Casco Landfill diverts as many recyclables from the waste stream as possible. In the 21st century, sustainability is a practice we take seriously!

From our construction and demolition disposal facility to our trash handling services – as well as wholesale construction material, and sandpit – every part of Casco Landfill was designed to make life easier for our customers.

We know there are a lot of places you can turn to for earth materials and construction or landscaping products.  However, Bee Sand has been a favorite of professionals throughout Houston for decades. They trust us to get them exactly what they need, quickly and at a fair price.

Casco Location

The Casco Landfill is located on the south side of Houston, on Texas Highway 288, with a lot that can accommodate trucks and containers of all sizes.

So, if you need fast answers or more information just contact our friendly team and we’ll be glad to assist you!

1306 East Anderson Road | Houston, TX 77047

Casco Landfill

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