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Our Commitment to the Environment

At Casco Landfill, we were among the first waste disposal companies in the Houston area to go green. Our commitment to preserving the environment, and the beauty of Southeast Texas, continues today through recycling, extensive air and water testing, and responsible decision-making.

We don’t just comply with state, federal, and local regulations,
we work to exceed them.

All of this means you can feel good about working with Casco because you’re doing the right thing for the planet and future generations.

Construction and demolition are vital industries, particularly in the rapidly-growing Houston area. At the same time, more and more of our customers are asking questions about the legacy they’ll leave behind. Builders are embracing earth-friendly materials and energy systems; we are doing our part to ensure that what’s left over is either buried safely or re-purposed.

You may not think of a landfill as an environmentally-friendly business, but we want to rest easy knowing that future generations of our family will be able to enjoy the natural beauty of our area just as those who came before did. That’s why Casco Landfill will always be looking for new ways to reduce our environmental footprint.

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