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What We Accept at Casco Landfill in Houston

The Casco Landfill in South Houston is designated as Type 4, which means we can accept construction waste and demolition debris.

“Type 4 means we can accept almost anything a builder, contractor, or demolition company might need to dispose of.”

Typical loads to our landfill might include: bulk construction materials, wood and lumber, concrete, bricks, plastic, metals, and roofing materials.  Additionally, we can accept furniture, cloth or linen materials, and appliances that don’t contain Freon.  We can also dispose of landscaping items like trees, dirt, and stumps.

However, there are certain items we cannot except in our landfill. We do not accept household or business trash, along with waste that requires special storage. These substances include (but are not limited to) liquids, sludge, paint, and medical waste. Please note that we also cannot except tires, batteries, drums, or any materials containing asbestos.

As part of our commitment to the environment, some materials brought to our landfill may be recycled, reclaimed, and offered to builders and landscapers. Click here to learn more about our wholesale construction products, such as concrete, sand, and filler.

If you want to know more about our guidelines, or to ask a more specific question about your construction or demolition waste needs, contact our friendly team today.

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