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The Casco Sand Pit

Looking for affordable high-grade sand, dirt, and fill for your construction or landscaping project? Casco in South Houston can help. We are a leading supplier of sand, select fill, topsoil, and aggregate material for construction and landscape professionals throughout Southeast Texas.

“Our sand pit has been known to local builders and contractors for decades. That’s because three generations of our family have been helping to provide premium fill and aggregate for projects of all sizes.”

We can even help you to dispose of the waste you have from your construction site.  You can dump what you need to get rid of, load up what you’ll use to replace it and avoid making an extra stop!

Unlike some other landfills and material providers, we take pride in our facilities and service. That means keeping things clean so you don’t have to deal with punctured tires or scratched vehicles. And, it means hiring the friendliest and most knowledgeable people around so you can always get fast answers to your questions.

No matter what kind of sand or fill you need to complete your project, we can help you find it. Stop by the Casco Houston Landfill today or contact us now for prompt service.

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